Private Math Tutoring 

MASTER the content and IMPROVE  skills, confidence, and GRADES.

I teach mathematics to middle & high school students.

Homeschool, public school, private school, or virtual school...all are welcome. Whatever your need - better grades, better understanding, advanced studies, tutor or teacher - I can help you.

If you are looking for an expert, caring, & fun-loving math teacher who will give your child what the big name, online tutoring services can't provide, then you are in the right place.  All of my students receive live, interactive and & personalized instruction and are provided exclusive access to my Student Portal for lessons, projects, questions, assignments and graded feedback. This isn't just a "see my tutor once a week" service...this is a "I have my own private Math teacher 24/7 service."

Math Tutoring Service
The Best in Private Mathematics Teaching 

Take advantage of the experience, knowledge, and skills of a certified teacher who understands how to help students learn & understand mathematics.

My tutoring service is for any student that wants o do better in math class and for highly motivated students enrolled in advanced classes preparing for high stakes exams such as AP Calculus.

My homeschool teaching service is designed for parents that want a professional mathematics educator to take over the instruction of the upper level math subjects.


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private math tutor

Remediation of Missed or Misunderstood Material

As we work, I reteach any deficiencies or misconceptions that are discovered. Often times, clearing up a single wrong idea will pave the way for a bigger "Ah-ha!" moment.  These are the moments that result in deeper learning.

private math tutor

Master Complex Subjects & Concepts

Advanced math classes such as Calculus require abstract reasoning and a higher level of numerical reasoning than some students are used to doing. With a guided approach, I help students learn how to think about math in this new way.

private math tutor

Improve Computational Fluency

During our sessions, I watch as students write out their computations and help to correct common algebra mistakes that cause incorrect solutions.  Many times it is the weakness in algebra skills that cause students' confusion. All of that can be fixed with a little work.

private math tutor

Reduce Test Anxiety & Homework Stress

In my experience, lack of confidence in math ability is one of the leading causes of test anxiety.  We work together to strengthen skills and with gradual steps of success, students are no longer paralyzed with fear of failure and stress becomes a thing of the past.

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What Others Say


Mrs. Zach is an excellent private math tutor. She takes the time  to connect with her students. She encourages and motivates you. She's someone who actually cares how your life turns out and is not afraid to hold your hand when you find yourself struggling. Highly recommended!!

Cadarius W.
Former Student


My daughter was struggling with math and Lisa was more than happy to help right away. My daughter felt so relieved by the time she was done and feels more confident for her test. Thank you so much, Lisa! You saved the day!!

Denae K.


Since working with Lisa, my son doesn't dread going to math class anymore. She is an excellent private math tutor. She is patient and explains things in a way that he easily understands. We are thrilled to be among her students again for the upcoming year. He is taking DC Calculus so he is going to need the help, for sure!

Meridith M.