Frequently Asked Questions

Lisa Zach - Math Tutor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions that I get asked most often by students and parents that are looking for a private math tutor. This isn't an exhaustive list and if you don't see your question listed, then feel free to contact me and I will get you the answers that you need.

Are you a real teacher?

Yes.  I am Texas Certified in three subject areas: Mathematics (8-12), Computer Science (8-12), and Technical Applications (8-12). You can review my state licensing credential here: Texas Educator Certificate - Official Record of Certification.

I hold a BS in Mathematics and a MS in Instructional Technology - Master Technology Teacher.

Do you only tutor high school students?

No. I am Texas certified to teach Mathematics, Computer Science, and Technical Applications in grades 8-12 in public school. However, I teach students from grades 5 - 14, basic math through Calculus 3.  I offer my tutoring services to students that attend public school, private school, and that are home-schooled.

Are you currently teaching full-time at any high school?

No. I left the classroom in May of 2018 to pursue another set of professional credentials.

I do substitute teach on occasion for several of the area high schools, but I devote most of my time to private tutoring working with students enrolled in AP & DC courses. I've taught for TISD, Hooks ISD and Atlanta ISD.

Do you tutor online or in-person?


My in-person students come to my office at 4140 McKnight Rd, Texarkana, TX for their sessions.

The majority of my students have transitioned to my full-featured online portal where we do live Zoom sessions with an interactive whiteboard.  I provide a video replay of each session that remains in their portal for the school year.  I also provide supplemental videos and practice materials that can be downloaded. This is the best of both worlds...private, live instruction with a membership only area for resources.

Are the sessions the same day & time every week?

That depends. Once you purchase your plan, the calendar is opened to you and you can select any available time that works with your schedule.  If you do want the same days and times each week,  just let me know and I can set that up for you.

If I miss a session because I am sick, can I make it up next week or next month?

No. Your plan allows you a specific number of sessions per month, per week and per day. They do not accumulate and they do not rollover. However, you may reschedule any session 24 hours in advance of an appointment as long as it is rescheduled within the same week. You must use the online calendar to reschedule.

That being said, I try to accommodate students as much as I can so if you get sick at school the day of your session, just text me and I will let you know what I have available and if I can reschedule you.

 You can read more about this is the Terms of Service.

What kind of guarantee to you offer?

I guarantee that I will provide professional instruction for the amount of time that is provided in your purchased plan. Results are determined by the amount of time and effort invested by the student. Tutoring is not a magic bullet for better grades; it is an opportunity to receive guided instruction on concepts and processes that were not mastered during regular classroom instruction.

What is the refund policy?

I offer a 100% refund if requested 24 hours before the first scheduled session during the first month of service. Beyond that date, the days and times are reserved specifically for you to use at your discretion. There are no refunds after the time stated above. You are allowed one refund per school year. Please read the Terms of Service for more information.

If I have a subscription plan, can I cancel it and start again later?

Maybe. When you cancel your plan, you forfeit your discount and permanent student status. The spot is automatically offered to the next person on the waiting list so there is no guarantee that there will be a spot available for you to return. If a spot is available, you may re-enroll for a monthly package of one session per week at the current package price. Re-enrollment is not guaranteed and at the sole discretion of the tutor.

Once you cancel your plan, the auto-renew billing is cancelled immediately and you will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.

Will you talk to my child's teacher about their grades?

No, but I am happy to collaborate with any high school teacher about how I can best help your child with the mathematics being taught in the course. Please understand that teachers are incredibly busy people and are under absolutely no obligation to work with an outside tutor.  They may only discuss your child with me with written parental permission. I will use any information provided by the teacher to design my instruction for your child. I will not, however, contact teachers about grades or assigned classroom work.

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