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Let's face it, this is when math class starts to get really challenging!

I have several students this year in College Algebra Tutoring. Some are homeschool students and others are in a class where the teacher is out for an extended period of time and have a substitute teacher.  I know how hard it is when students are trying to basically teach the material to themselves; it can be frustrating when your child is struggling and becomes discouraged.  

The good news is that I can help! Having a trained teacher to actually teach the math helps to relieve the stress for both of you.  Click the button below and let me know your situation and we will come up with a plan to help your child. 

Course Curriculum Information

This course is usually taken right after Algebra 2 during a student's junior or senior year.

Fall Semester

  • Unit 1:  Prerequisites
  • Unit 2:  Functions & Their Graphs
  • Unit 3:  Polynomial Functions
  • Unit 4:  Rational Functions
  • Unit 5:  Exponential Functions

Spring Semester

  • Unit 6:  Logarithmic Functions
  • Unit 7:  Systems of Equations
  • Unit 8:  Inequalities
  • Unit 9:  Matrices & Determinants
  • Unit 10:  Conic Sections

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When I searched Google for a Math Tutor near me in Texarkana, I found Mrs. Zach. This is our third year with her and having the online portal was a game changer for us last year! Not only did we get private lessons, but having the video replays was invaluable to our daughter. We have done both in-person and online tutoring with her, and this year is the best of both worlds. Online is SO convenient. We appreciate all the time, effort, and expense she has gone through to put these systems in place to help her students learn. We are a permanent ZachsMath student and Amber has excelled in her classes with Mrs. Zach's expertise and help.