Beverly Shannon

The second article in this series highlights a woman that has had, and continues to have, immeasurable influence on the lives of those that find themselves in her orbit. 

Ms. Beverly Shannon is as wise as she is kind, and as sassy as they come! If you have ever had the pleasure of having Ms. Shannon as a colleague, then you know what I am referring to.  

When I worked as a math teacher at Hooks High School, she was a steady voice and a go-to mentor for all of the staff. We always laughed and said she was really the captain of the ship...if you needed to know something or get something done, you went to her office and stood in line outside her door behind all the others that got there earlier than you did. Kids came before staff though, and she didn't make any bones about that.

Some of my favorite memories of my time at HHS are of her PDPs (Professional Development Performances).  As if STAAR training could be fun, I knew when she took the floor we were in for 30 minutes filled with her wit and dry humor and a few zingers thrown Coach Fountain's way.  Beverly Shannon is truly one of a kind! Read on for her story...



Life itself can deter you from your chosen path. But there is always a dream inside of you that age, wealth nor health can stop you from achieving if you really want it.

My name is Beverly Shannon.

I am currently employed at Hooks ISD. My job title is District Lead Counselor. [ She is now the Principal of HHS 2020] This is my thirty-sixth year as a certified educator and the last twenty-nine years have been spent serving the students of Hooks High School. The first seven years were spent serving students in the St Louis, Missouri area. I have worked large districts and I have worked in a small district.

I have had the experience of serving in one of the top three richest school districts in a state as well as the experience of serving in one of the poorest districts in a state.I have experienced the exhilaration of working in a school to achieve Blue Ribbon status and I have experienced the dismay of my campus being rated Unacceptable. I can truly say that if you love your career, it is like you will never work a day in your life. Being an educator has always been my passion. Put God first, family next and then your career. When the three are complimentary to each other you are truly blessed.

Growing up, playing school was one of my favorite past times. I always loved school, but not of my days in school were happy ones. In the classroom was my happy time. I am a product of the sixties education in the south and a participant in the “Freedom of Choice” school movement to segregate schools. My time at school in and out of the classroom ranged from being tolerated to not being accepted to being celebrated. The negative and the positive experiences from the desegregation movement made me a better person, not a bitter person.

Influences - I have always believed I was special even before I was given a special recognition from Maya Angelou at an assembly my freshman year in college. I have been inspired by many dead and some live women. I have been inspired by many women that are much older, because I have always gleaned every ounce of wisdom from older generations that I possibly could.  I have been inspired by some women that are much younger, because they are constantly changing and are an inspiration for me to continue to grow and see the world through the eyes of their youth. Because of them, I refuse to let my memories be greater than my dreams.

Challenging moments - Life itself can deter you from your chosen path. But there is always a dream inside of you that age, wealth nor health can stop you from achieving if you really want it. There are times for a woman to be the best mother and put her children first, the best daughter and put her parents first.  With that being said, young mothers teach your children to love reading, don’t call them bad just say they are curious, investigative, or energetic.

My message for othersEmpty nesters let your children spread their wings. Enjoy your parents while you have them and give them their flowers while they are living. Because there will come a time that a woman gets to choose to do what she wants to do without regard to raising a family, sharing her time or her resources. This time may come after one of the three Ds, death, divorce or desertion but it gives new meaning to the statement that there is life after death. People come into our lives for a season and a reason. Some stay longer and others go quickly. With this being said, enjoy each season of your life.

-- Beverly Shannon

"People come into our lives for a season and a reason."